Puppy classes in Southend

If you are looking for puppy classes in Southend, I’m afraid I don’t offer them.  There is a reason that I don’t though, so please read on.  I have been to puppy classes in Southend in the past and I spent the majority of the time cringing, because the situation was simply too stressful and overwhelming for the puppies attending.  The classes I went to were extremely small, which is better, but from the body language of the dogs, it was too much.

puppy classes in southend
This relaxed pup didn’t go to puppy classes in Southend!

Why take a dog to puppy classes?

Most people want to take their dogs to puppy classes to socialise them, or teach them the basics.  I genuinely don’t believe that a class is the best environment for this.  Once a dog is an adult, and you have a well established relationship with it, then a class is fine. E.g. if you wish to go to agility training, or something specific.  To train your puppy to be well behaved, do this at home.  To socialise your dog, wait until it is ready, and do it calmly, in a normal environment.  Not in a tiny room with lots of other overwhelmed dogs.  If your puppy is straining at the end of the lead, it’s not ready.

It is for this reason that I do all of my training one to one and in the home.  If you are looking for puppy classes in Southend, or further afield, I can help you.  But I will come to your home and teach you what you need to do instead.  Bringing a puppy up correctly is all about establishing a good relationship with your pup.  Your puppy should look to you for guidance in many situations, so focus on getting things right between you first, before flooding a puppy with experiences!

If you are not sure how to get things right and aren’t in my area (Essex, East/north London, Kent and Suffolk) then I can strongly recommend that you have a read of “The Puppy Listener” by Jan Fennell which is available in my shop.  Also have a look on her website for qualified dog listeners in your local area.

I have been really lucky recently with many new dog owners choosing to get my help with their puppy training in the early days.  Their puppies are growing up to be well rounded individuals as a result.  If you would like help with yours, please contact me to arrange a consultation.


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