Naughty Cocker Spaniels

In the last week I’ve dealt with quite a few naughty Cocker Spaniels.  Well, ‘naughty’ is quite a strong word, really they were ‘wired’ Cocker Spaniels.  By wired I mean that they were full of energy, finding it very difficult to settle.  And if they did settle – then leaping back to life again at a moment’s notice should there be a tiny movement or noise.

I wanted to blog about this, because it would be easy to draw on this experience and say “all Cocker Spaniels are naughty, especially the working strain” OR to say to other people I help with Cocker Spaniels in the future “Well, it is a Cocker Spaniel, so they are going to be particularly high energy”

naughty cocker spaniel

However I won’t be saying any of this.  Why not? Because this would be a massive generalisation based on a very small amount of circumstantial evidence.  These dogs in particular will be much less naughty and wired within a few weeks, as their owners show them that there is no need for this wired/stressed behaviour.  In fact, by the end of each consultation the dogs in question were relaxing, asleep and in places that they would never normally relax, with things going on around them that would usually keep them wired. So hey, I guess these were the exception to the rule…?!  (She jokes).

Breed generalisations

All dogs are ultimately canine, so if you work with the dog in a way it understands and focus on getting the best out of the animal in front of you, you will be surprised by what is possible.  I can help you with this of course.  If you accept the hearsay/generalisations which are shared ten a penny about what particular breeds are allegedly like, then that will be your expectation and you’ll end up accepting behaviour that you needn’t. So whatever you’ve been told a certain breed is like, please remember that this probably came from very limited evidence/experience and take it with a pinch of salt.  Remember, not all French people wear berets, and not all German people put their towel out really early in the morning…


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