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Anyone who knows me well will understand that I don’t pay for something unless I absolutely have to, or really really want something, so it occurred to me that some people may do a little research into getting help with their dog’s naughty behaviour, find out some prices and go for the cheapest one, or find out some prices and decide that they don’t mind the behaviour that much, so rather than spend a little bit of money on it, they’ll just put up with the behaviour, after all, it’s part of their dog’s character… I don’t know of anyone for sure who would do this, but I am someone who will go without something rather than spend the money on it, so I can imagine that there are others out there like me who may categorise dog training as an unnecessary luxury.

The truth of it is that bad dog behaviour is normally a sign that your dog is stressed. If you name a type of bad dog behaviour, I can tell you how that is the dog showing stress. For example chewing things when you are out, this is because your dog has separation anxiety, so is worried about you and so is chewing to release endorphins and relieve stress. Excessive barking, your dog thinks that it is responsible for keeping you safe and keeps hearing/smelling/seeing things which it thinks might mean you are all in danger so barks a warning to the danger to leave you alone, being stressed about things that we know are no problem, e.g. the post man! I could go on.

The point of this post is to urge people like me to reconsider decisions not to get help on a financial basis. If your dog is stressed, you can relieve that stress by learning and applying a simple technique to show it that you are in charge, and take the stress from its furry shoulders. In my (ridiculously frugal) book, that help is worth a dog’s weight in gold. Also I would advise against shopping around for the best price. Shop around for a dog training method that makes sense! If you get cheap dog training, does that mean you are getting good dog training? My service is inexpensive, but I’m sure there are cheaper trainers out there. I know many many dog owners who have gone to trainers to be told that their dog is ‘untrainable’, or to be given things to do which are bordering on animal creulty. If you have my help you are dealing with an experienced and Highly Recommended Dog Listener who will provide you with a LIFE TIME of back up support by phone and email if you need it. If this method didn’t work I wouldn’t be able to do offer this! And most importantly, what I will ask you to do is in your dog’s best interest. I’m not interested in getting quick results by using gadgets or force, I use Jan Fennell’s method of Amichien Bonding, which forms a relationship of trust between you and your dog, and releases your dog of its burden of stress. So can you now see what a good investment a consultation would be…?

I loved some feedback on my thoughts here! If you have any comments, in agreement or not, please add them in the comments space below!

Prices range up to a maximum of £200 for a half day consultation with a life time of support available afterwards.


6 thoughts on “Looking for cheap dog training…?

  1. I think the thing about dog training is being very aware of what you are actually getting. It is an investment into you and your family. A calm happy home with a well behaved happy contented dog. Such things are priceless. We would encourage everyone to invest in this training. Like all things, you will need to follow up with what you have learnt, but if you are like us you will want to. It’s money really well spent. Do it sooner rather than later too. Happy training! K

    1. Thanks for the response Kate. You are right, anything worth doing takes a little effort to make it worth while, whether it’s dog training, toddler training or tango lessons. This method is a life long process, rather than a quick fix! V

    1. That varies very slightly depending on travel. If you let me know whereabouts you are based I will send you a quote. Thanks.

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