How to stop dogs from fighting

If you want your dogs snuggled up relaxing like the dogs in this picture, then its important to understand why first, then you can stop dogs from fighting. The simple answer is that fighting is their playful way of finding out what the hierarchy is between them. Usually it starts and play fighting. Unfortunately, in some cases things get out of hand if both dogs are adamant that they should be higher  than the other. This is the case when the leadership role is available, i.e. we are not providing clear enough leadership for them ourselves. It might be that one sees the other as a challenger for the role, so is constantly trying to knock it down a peg or two, or that they both want the leadership role.

To stop them from fighting we need to prove ourselves. The best way of being sure that you are doing this sufficiently well is to get a qualified Dog Listener to come and teach you everything that you need to know, and back you up as you go about implementing the method. You can learn more about the method by reading “The Dog Listener” by Jan Fennell too.

Once you’ve convinced your dog of your leadership, then they will be less likely to fight, and will be more receptive to you, so you can show them what is an appropriate amount of play, and if things go too far, you can calmly break it up and give them a little ‘time-out’ before letting them interact again. Shouting at them is NOT the answer! 🙂  If you are worried that your fighting dogs are being aggressive, then please get in touch.


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