How Long Does It Take To Improve Problem Dog Behaviour?

When I go to help my clients with their dog training, to resolve the problems they are experiencing with their dogs; I am always asked how long will it take until the bad dog behaviour improves? I get asked this by every owner, whether their dog is a biter, barker, has separation anxiety, pulls on the lead, jumps up, or isn’t toilet trained. Whatever the behaviour, whatever the breed, people always want to know how long it will take. What I am there to do is to teach the owners how to show the dog that they are in charge, the dog then will not need to do the problem behaviour anymore. When the owners start to change their behaviour, their dog needs to clearly understand what the new status is and that will take some time…

A friend of mine recently told me about his new work situation which nicely illustrated this point. He is in the Army, and has always worked on a pretty operational basis, so status and hierarchy was always clearly identified by the badges worn by each person, so the instant you looked at someone new, you knew straight away their status with respect to your own. However this friend recently changed roles and found himself working in an office wearing a suit, sitting at a desk. Everyone else also dressed in suits and sitting at desks, all ranks mixed in together, and he didn’t know who was who. Imagine that, you’ve spent your working life knowing your place all the time, and then suddenly all signals are different and you have to work it out for yourself, treading carefully as you do.

This is what happens to our dogs. They have lived in a household where they are given signals within their pack hierarchy that they are the leaders for all their lives (much as many of my clients have liked to think that they are the “top dogs” in their pack, I have yet to go to a house where the dog didn’t think it was in charge).  All dog behaviour problems are linked to their understanding of the hierarchy.  Then it all changes as the owners start implementing Amichien Bonding, showing their dogs that they can be in charge instead. All the signals are now different and the dog isn’t as sure of its place anymore. Just like my friend in the army, the dog then has to spend some time working out its place in this new dynamic. Only once it is happy with its place will you see the behaviour change. It is up to you to prove yourselves as leaders, then your dog needs to recognise what you are doing, then it needs to be happy with what you are doing in all different situations and you can be trusted to continue to do this. How long this takes depends on how consistent you are, and how stubborn, or how anxious your dog is!

Everyone notices improvements very quickly. Some declare to me that it’s like they have a different dog within 2 weeks, as their dog is so much calmer, for others the problem behaviour takes a little longer to resolve, but they can see the progress so are motivated to keep going with the training method. Everyone who has a consultation with me get a free life long back up by phone and email, so as the relationship changes there is always someone to ask questions, and support you as you make the transition to leader of your pack. If you are struggling with difficult dog behaviour I can definitely help you. Please contact me today 07908 192656


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