Have you got a barking dog?

Have you got a barking dog? Most dog’s will bark now and again. It can be annoying in some cases, but it is also one of the original reasons for the relationship between dogs and humans. The bark provided us with the early warning signal that we needed before we came under attack from enemy approaching, much further away than we could perceive with our human ears or eyes, so we could prepare and be ready to defend our villages…

…Fast forward to the 21st century and we have little need for early warning signals, because we live in a (mostly) civilised society, with laws and locking doors and windows! Our poor dogs have not got the same awareness of our safety though, so when what they perceive to be dangers (the postman, visitors, neighbours) approach or pass by the house, their instinct is that something needs doing about it. They warn us that there is danger and try to scare the danger away. If your barking dog is barking excessively, it most likely thinks that it is responsible for keeping you safe, and there is a lot that you can do to reduce this barking, if not stop it all together. I’m not talking about using unnecessary gadgets like bark collars, there is a kind and natural way… If you are based in Essex (I’m in the Southend area) or the surrounding counties (Kent, London, Suffolk), and you need help with dog training or dog behaviour; all behaviours, not just barking then Highly Recommended Associate Dog Listener Vicky Kelly can help you. Simply get in touch and I’ll explain how. 07908 192656


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