Hair and skin treatment for dogs

A sponsored post on dog skin problems. Please be aware that skin and hair problems can also be caused by stress, if you have a stressed dog then you may wish to seek the help of a dog behaviourist to help your dog to become calm.

Our hair and skin are constantly bombarded by the natural elements of our ever-changing British weather, and with the stress that we go through on a daily basis; it means that we must take particularly good care of keeping our hair and skin as healthy as possible. The same is true for dogs; their skin and coat require a good amount of attention in order to fight off the many skin and coat problems that are lingering around a dog’s corner.

If your dog has dry and flaky skin or dandruff, this can be a sign of one or more skin problems.


For example, infections in dogs, especially an infestation from fleas or mites, will cause the skin to dry and become flaky. If left unchecked, it will damage the quality of the coat and even cause dog moulting (hair loss). If you notice your dog scratching frequently, this can be due to the itching caused by the fleabites. And if you see tiny egg deposits while grooming your dog’s fur, it’s most likely that the problem will only get worse.

You must seek veterinary advice on treatments for the fleas themselves, but the itching can easily be controlled with many products that are available on the internet, such as Yumega Plus. It is important to use such products as quickly as possible, because constant scratching will break your dog’s skin, which in turn can cause rashes and allow bad bacteria to enter – risking the chance of infection.

Especially, dog supplements that combine antibacterial agents with natural healing ingredients, such as vitamin E, can be a huge help in protecting and repairing the damaged skin caused by dryness. Some skin crème products, such as Yumega Dog, should be used regularly to protect skin that is in areas particularly vulnerable to environmental over-exposure, like the nose and the paws.



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