Dogs jumping up on the walk

If you’ve had the problem of your dogs jumping up on the walk at non-dog owners, then you have no doubt experienced the embarrassment of being told off by that person, demanding to know why you haven’t got your dog under control, and feeling a bit disgruntled about their now-muddy clothes…!

Why do dogs jump up on the walk?

Jumping up is about raising height and greeting.  If your dog feels the need to raise his/her height and greet many of the people that you see on the walk, then they probably feel that these people need to be made friends with and put in their place in one fail swoop, so that your dog can be comfortable that these people know that he/she is the boss of the park/woods which they may well be considering to be their territory.

Invariably the jumping up will have got them attention from some well-meaning people who don’t mind it, and don’t do anything to discourage the behaviour, which won’t have helped you…

What can you do about it?

To stop your dog jumping up on the walk, there are a few things that need doing:

  1. Your dog needs to know that they are not “in charge” of anyone, in any situation.
  2. Your walk needs less adrenalin – so start the walk in a much calmer way, and make sure your dog is responsive to you before letting them off the lead.
  3. You need to have good recall, so if you can see your dog heading over to people that he/she may be inclined to jump up at, you simply call him/her back to you instead and praise them for returning when called.
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responsive dog on the walk

Sounds easy right?  Well it is, but only if you know exactly how to do all of these things.  This is what I teach people how to get in place, it is straight forward, but requires a committed determined attitude, and for all of the family to be on board.

I do have a few more articles on the walk and jumping up which may be of interest to you:

If your family are committed and determined and want my help, then please feel free to get in touch.  I cover Essex and the surrounding counties and can help with all types of dog training, not just jumping up.  If you want to try to work it out by yourself, then I can recommend “The Dog Listener” by Jan Fennell, which is available as a book or DVD.


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