Dog with a fear of noise

Dogs of all ages and all breeds can suffer with a fear of loud or unexpected noise.  For some dogs, their fear of noise is more severe.  Amber, below, was a dog with a fear of noise which had been well established.  Her owners had been working on her without success for 6 years.  Her fear included the bird scarers nearby, the bin men and vacuum cleaners.  The problem was that Amber didn’t trust their decisions that everything was fine, so she would run and hide whenever the noises occurred.  After learning how to establish Amber’s trust, her owners took away her fear of noise, and she no longer runs and hides when she hears the noises which used the terrify her.  Watch the video and see for yourself!

Do you have a dog with a fear of noise?

If your dog has a fear of noise like Amber used to, you don’t have to feel helpless about their anxiety.  There is lots you can do to help them.  Most well meaning human attempts at reassuring a dog unfortunately have the opposite affect.  Our soothing words are in a language they don’t understand, so all they know is that we are worried too.  It much better to make nothing of it at all.  This allows your dog to see that they are the only one who is worried by this noise, and is a big step in the right direction.

What else is important?

The difference for Amber was made by her owners showing her canine leadership signals.  This meant that she learnt to trust their decisions first.  This revolved around all of her behaviour, in the house, garden and out on the walk.  When she was confident that they were consistently proving leadership to her, she was then able to start paying attention to their reactions (or lack of reactions) to the noises of which she was previously fearful.  She was then able to decide “if those that I trust aren’t scared, I don’t need to be scared”.  That trust then developed to allowing her owners to vacuum right around her bed, while she was still in it.  Not something I would recommend attempting.  It takes time to establish trust, you need to get that in place first!  Amber was a dog with a fear of noise.  Now she is a content dog who can relax while hoovering is going on right around her!

Need help with your dog’s fear of noise?

Then get in touch.  I help owners all over Essex, and in parts of London, Kent, Suffolk and Herts.  Simply call me or send me an email, and I’m happy to explain a bit more about what I can do to help you alleviate the stress of loud noises for your dog.  It will also have a positive knock on affect on any other areas you need to work on too.


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