Dog walking by Smart Phone – whatever next!

Words almost failed me when reading a news article about dog walking by smart phone.  Seriously!  Scientists from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Auburn University Alabama, have come up with some kind of device which operates using GPS and reference systems, allowing dog walking by smart phone. Click for more info.  I am actually cringing at the idea.

dog walking by smart phone

Realistically the technology is more likely to be employed for use in search and rescue situations.  Allowing dogs to pinpoint survivors that humans are not able to reach as quickly.  Fair enough.  Dogs can be incredibly valuable tools when it comes to human survival, and if I was trapped under a collapsed house I would be all in favour of a canine rescue via human controlled smart phone… 


This does make me stop and wonder what the dogs make of all this?!  On a day to day basis I feel increasingly sorry for our four legged friends as we subject them to more and more human made gadgets and contraptions.  All of which add further confusion to their lives. Dogs are complex creatures, for whom keeping it simple is best.  Yes many of them can cope with the environment and tasks they are given; however there are vast numbers that cannot.  I should know, I help owners to simplify things for their dogs for a living! Enabling their dogs to live happier lives where their needs are understood and met.

Dog walking by smart phone will hopefully never make it into the mainstream.  There are plenty of things that shouldn’t but have.  If you have any questions about why these aren’t a good idea, then please post your comments…

  • Shock/spray collars
  • Timer releasing food bowls
  • Haltis and head collars
  • Perfume for dog (CK9 etc)
  • Dog shoes
  • Dog bags (for carrying dogs) or pushchairs
  • Extendible leads
  • Shaking bottles of stones
  • Water sprays

Please feel free to comment on this blog.  I try to stick to blogs about how to resolve certain behaviours, but every so often a rant pops up!


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