Dog training without using force

dog training without using forceYes it is possible! Dog training without using force is an option for anyone who wants to learn how to do it. I’m always really proud to be able to tell anyone who enquires after my help that the method that I teach (Amichien Bonding) does not use any force. You’ll be pleased to hear that there is no pinning dogs down, no smacking, shouting, growling at dogs, rubbing their nose in things, spraying them with water or shaking stones at them. There is no need for choke chains, shock collars, haltis or any other dog training gadgets. None of this is necessary any more.

I am not one to judge, and I know that many dog owners were taught that this was the way in the past and accepted it because the person that was teaching them was an expert, and that was the only method being taught at the time. The good news is that there is now a method which is all based on trust, whereby you are saying to your pet “If I show you that I can provide consistent leadership that you understand and address any of your concerns, then you will not need to behave ‘badly'” and your dog say “sounds good to me!”. If you would like to see a human example of this you only need to watch Supernanny. Parents have to offer calm and consistent leadership, set boundaries. Ignore bad behaviour or give a time out consequence. Smacking and shouting at children is no longer necessary.

Once the trust is established a wonderful relationship full of positive interactions is possible. If training methods invoke any fear in your dog, then they might well learn to behave, but they will never be as relaxed and happy in your company. There is of course the possibility that instead of behaving, they will fight back. Think about it, would you rather your dog perceived you as a Nelson Mandella type leader, or a Sadam Hussain one? I’ve been very fortunate that every dog I’ve worked with has been adopted by owners out of their love for dogs, so they’ve all really wanted to engage in dog training without using force when they’ve understood that this is possible. If you’ve been looking for something like this, I’m available to work with new people wishing to overcome dog behaviour problems in Essex, London and the surrounding areas, or anyone who is looking for puppy training and just wants to start off on the right foot. Call me or email me – Vicky Kelly your Essex Dog Trainer for more information.

I’d love to hear your experiences of old school dog training – let’s have an amnesty on what you were taught was right that you can now let go of!


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