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As a responsible dog owner you are faced with an awareness that your dog’s behaviour is important, and therefore you automatically look into dog training classes in Essex. Why is this? It’s because it is the beaten path, that is what our culture are used to doing, going along to dog training classes or clubs, with a view to teaching our dogs obedience with the hope that this will improve the dog’s behaviour. After all, we send our children to school to learn how to behave don’t we? Oh wait hang on, no we don’t. We teach our children to behave at home, and we send them to school so that they can get an education and eventually learn to support themselves in the world as adults…

So why do we take dogs to dog training classes again? Oh that’s right, because it’s tradition. Forgive me if I sound patronising, believe me 7 years ago I would have said that if you have a badly behaved dog you need to take it to dog training classes so it can learn to behave, because that is what I had been led to believe too! That is before I decided that I wanted to qualify as a dog trainer, and when I began looking into the options available as far as courses I could do was concerned, only then were my eyes opened to what is actually important to a dog, and then realised the dog training classes aren’t the answer.

dog training classes essex

The answer is to work with the dogs instincts, to offer leadership, to set boundaries, to be patient and consistent. Much like we would do with a child. The difference is that a dog has a different set of instincts to a human, so they need to be treated in a different way. This is where mistakes happen, dogs become confused and bad behaviour starts. Rather than follow the beaten path of going to dog training classes when you hit this juncture, try looking at a more holistic option. I am a dog listener, so I teach owners in their homes (where they are most of the time after all!) how to reassure a dog that the leadership is being taken care of and therefore none of the behaviour the dog is doing is necessary. Unfortunately it is not possible to teach this in a class, as they are limited to teaching basic obedience commands, plus the dog is out of its comfort zone, and so probably are the owners. Your dog could become an obedience champion, if it has the nature of wishing to please, yet still think that it is the leader and therefore responsible for ensuring the survival of the pack. Well behaved, but stressed…

Classes are great if you already have a solid relationship with your dog, and you want to go to learn agility, or to socialise with other dog owners, but classes are the icing on the cake. You need a cake first. If you are looking for a dog training one to one in Essex or dog training classes in Essex and haven’t already, have a look into Jan Fennell first. Either try some clips on YouTube, or get yourself to the library and have a read of “The Dog Listener”; or call me in to help you one to one, and have a life time of back up support by phone and email too! I am one of JanFennell’s Highly Recommended Associates, and will give you the individual attention you need to improve your relationship with your dog.


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