Dog obedience training

I often get asked if I offer dog obedience training. The simple answer is no. But that’s because I offer something better!  Dog obedience training is the traditional path to go down when taking in a new dog. Whether these are puppy classes or for a rescue dog that you’ve adopted. The reason that you will be seeking obedience classes is because you want a dog who is well behaved and sociable, and keeps out of harms way.

train my dog

Well you can get that without needing to ask for obedience, so it’s up to you to decide whether you want a dog who obeys you, or whether you want a dog who is happy to do what you ask because he/she trusts that it must be the right thing to do in this given situation.

There are 4 classic reactions to obedience training:

  1. Compliance – “Okay I’ll do it for an easy life/to get the treat”.
  2. Fearful compliance – “I’ll do it because I’m not sure what will happen to me if I don’t”.
  3. Selective deafness – “What I’m doing is far more important than doing what you say”
  4. A defiant “Make me…”

The type of training that I offer is a little different.  We are asking you to prove your worth to your dogs and gain your trust, so when you ask them to do something they think:

“The leader has requested that I do something, it must be important”

Walking your dog

It won’t turn them into robot dogs, some dogs may decide to test you from time to time, to make sure you are up to the job still.  Because leadership is fluid.  And so it should be!  None of us want to be dictated to continuously, we want to buy into the decisions we are making. Dogs are no different. They just place importance on different things to us. So if you want their compliance, learn to understand their instincts, work with those and prove your worth.

Don’t worry there are people like me that can make this much easier for you, so just get in touch!


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