Dog Obedience Training Classes in Southend…?

Clay and AnnaIf you’ve clicked onto this article because you are looking for dog obedience training classes in Southend, then I am really glad you have found me. I often get asked whether I run classes, which I don’t. So I am then asked if I can recommend any dog training classes in the Southend area, and my answer is always no! Not because there aren’t any dog obedience training classes in Southend, and not because I only know of bad obedience training classes. The reason is that I don’t recommend obedience training classes in general, because they really aren’t that helpful…

Are you seeking out a dog obedience training class because:

  • Your dog is being disobedient so you want to learn how to make it obey you?
  • You want to teach your dog various commands, so it will be easier to manage?
  • You want to learn how to control your dog, so that it will behave in a socially acceptable way?
  • You want to socialise your dog?
  • You want to socialise with other dog owners?
  • You are new to dog ownership, so want to learn how to do things right?

A dog training class WILL provide limited help with these things, but not in the right way, not in a successful way, and not in the way which makes sense to a dog. There is a better method to focus on, and then you won’t need to worry about commands and obedience… The main problem with dog training classes is that they involve humans teaching dogs to understand our human requests. Your dog can learn how to do what you want it to do in that environment, but they won’t understand why. So when you are back in the real world, and want them to do that thing, the situation itself may not allow it because in their minds, something else is more important at that time. Your dog is an animal and has it’s own instincts and reasons for doing certain behaviours. In a class setting, these reasons aren’t in place. Back in the real world, they are. For example, pulling on the lead. You can teach a dog to walk to heel perfectly in a classroom setting, but in the real world, when you go for a walk, there is a lot more going on. They are worrying about looking after their pack, finding food, keeping an eye out for dangers, and possibly having a bit of play too. With all this going on, the heel commands which you taught them in class are quickly subordinated.

The most important thing to learn as a dog owner is how to make your dog your subordinate. Not in a dominant way, so that they will obey you; it’s in a kind way, so that they will look up to you and trust you. So that in the situations where you are currently trying to control them, they will already be using self control, because their understanding of their role is different. And most importantly, is that they don’t feel the responsibility of being leader themselves, and the stress that brings. Learn to understand your dog and teach it that you are the leader and it will want to do what you ask, will be a much calmer and more relaxed dog, not inclined to do those things which appear disobedient. Oh and it will be much easier to socialise with other dogs once you’ve established this.

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