Do huskies make good pets

The question: do huskies make good pets, is often raised because they do not differentiate that much in their looks from their ancestors the wolf.  Also because the breed was traditionally used as a sled dog. They lived outside, worked, and would have pulled their masters for miles each day.  So the concerns that this brings as an owner are:

  • They will pull excessively on the lead when walked.
  • They will run for miles and miles if let off the lead, essentially “running away”.
  • They won’t be particularly affectionate.
  • They are designed for the outdoors rather than indoors.

Well I am happy to inform you that you shouldn’t take these sorts of statements as fact.  

do huskies make good pets
Do huskies make good pets?

Do huskies pull on the lead?

Many dogs pull on the lead.  They do this because they think that it is their job to ‘lead the way’.  Once I teach their owners how to show them that they don’t want them to do this, the dogs stop pulling.  The same is true with huskies, as my husky owner clients have discovered.  They may try to pull initially, but if you show them correctly that you don’t need them to do it, they will stop.  It’s not like you are going to take on a husky from Alaska, who has spent 5 years pulling a sled.  That is conditioning for that type of husky.  I stay with a friend who owns many huskies this weekend, and they did not pull on the lead for me, when I showed them that I didn’t want them to, and they don’t even know me that well.

Do huskies run away?

The concern that a dog will run away if off the lead is a concern that all owners have.  There is always that first time, that fear of what the dog will do.  Whether they will come back.  All of my friend’s huskies returned when called.  They have all been taught the benefits of returning, and so they feel like they want to.  As long as you teach them what is expected of them first, before letting them off the lead, then they will return to you.

Are huskies affectionate?

All of her huskies are very affectionate.  She told me how she will bring friends over for a bit of husky love, as her dogs love a cuddle (when invited over for it)

Do huskies have to live outside?

In my friend’s case, her huskies do actually live outside.  This is for practical reasons, rather than anything else.  I have worked with many owners who have huskies living in their house with them, no problem.  Historically we would all have had our dogs living outside, with the exception of lap dogs.  And they have all now adjusted to being inside.  So a husky would be no different.

Do huskies make good pets?

So in answer to the question; Do huskies make good pets… the answer is “yes”.  Provided that you bring them up right!  For information on how to do that, get in touch!  I provide dog training and dog behaviour solutions in all of Essex, parts of Kent, Suffolk, London and Herts.


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