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Dog obedience training

I often get asked if I offer dog obedience training. The simple answer is no. But that’s because I offer something better!  Dog obedience training is the traditional path to go down when taking in a new dog. Whether these are puppy classes or for a rescue dog that you’ve adopted. The reason that you will be seeking obedience classes is because you want a dog who is well behaved and sociable, and keeps (more…)

Always let a sleeping dog lie…?

I’ve been asked many times about whether it’s possible to teach an old dog new tricks (which it is), and the other misunderstood belief we have about dogs is that we should always let a sleeping dog lie.  Now there is some truth in this one.

Letting a sleeping dog lie

My explanation to my clients about this one, is that if your dog is sleeping and gets startled by you trying to pick it up/stroke (more…)

But I want you to train my dog, not ME!

I recently lost a customer, as after thinking about what I’d described when he booked his consultation, (it’s owner training whereby I, for a very affordable price, equip you with all the information you need to overcome this problem, and provide you with unlimited back up support by phone and email) this person decided that their dog was the problem, and therefore it was the dog that needed training, (more…)

Quiz Night – 24th July to help Tara walk!

Tara is the little dog with the big story – help support her recovery by attending the quiz night and buying raffle tickets too!

Quiz night, 24th July – Westcliff Hotel

quiz night westcliff

Great raffle prizes for humans and dogs alike.

Tickets from £5, to buy yours call the Moredge Canine Hydrotherapy team on 01702 808813.

The quiz night is on Friday 24th July 2015, at the Westcliff Hotel, Westcliff on Sea.

For (more…)

Why dog socialisation classes aren’t the answer

Recently I wrote a post about dogs who bark at other dogs as I often receive enquiries from owners who’s dogs aren’t best keen on the presence of other dogs.  Many of these owners will go on to say that it’s their fault because they didn’t take their dog to socialisation class when they were young.  Or they ask me whether I run socialisation classes, to help them sort this problem out.

The idea of (more…)

How to train a sled dog

Sled dogs are beautiful, from pup age onward, and are becoming increasingly popular thanks to Disney films and the like. As such, I now receive calls fairly frequently from slightly panicked owners asking me how to train a sled dog, as someone else has just told them that they are impossible to train! So I’m going to use this article to address what’s important to them, why they are different and how (more…)

Excitement when you return home to your dog

What do you love most about having a dog? Is it the way they make you feel when you return home, to see them so excited to have you back? As rather reserved creatures ourselves, this kind of greeting can really make us feel wanted. Much more so than the humans with whom we live can make us feel!  It’s no wonder so many people have them. However it didn’t used to be this way. Dogs used to be much calmer (more…)

Why do dogs eat poo?

I’ve avoided this subject as a blog for long enough – it’s time to address it.  Disgusting though the thought/sight of it may be to us, the fact of the matter is that some dogs eat poo.  I am gagging as I type!  But there are reasons for it.

  1. The poo is partially digested food, so is a meal to them.
  2. They are trying to “clean up” after themselves, as they’ve seen their mother do.
  3. They don’t want (more…)

Why Buying An Indestructible Dog Bed Isn’t The Answer…

If you are looking for an indestructible dog bed, then you likely have a problem which is bigger than the durability of the bed.  Logically speaking it makes sense:

Dog chews bed to bits, dog needs new bed. Dog is likely to chew new bed. Buying beds repeatedly is expensive, therefore buy an indestructible dog bed.

indestructible dog bed

As a dog trainer, someone who regularly helps people to stop their dog from chewing, (more…)

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