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What to do if your dog is scared of cars

A little while ago I wrote an article about dogs that won’t walk.  This article is in a similar vein.  Dog’s that are nervous on the walk, particularly dogs that are scared of cars, lorries, buses, motorbikes or any other vehicles that you could care to mention.  No doubt you are reading this because it is something you are experiencing, or you know someone who is having this experience with their (more…)

Help, my dog won’t walk!

Not the most common of dog behaviour problems, but I do get called to help about it every couple of months or so, are those strange creatures: dogs that won’t walk.  When I say won’t walk, what I really mean is they refuse to go out for a walk.  They are perfectly content to walk around in the house or garden, but don’t want to go any further.

The forms of ‘not walking’

There’s more than one approach (more…)

Why is my dog leash reactive, and what can I do about it?

Firstly I want to address what is usually meant by “leash reactive” or “lead reactive”. Basically it’s a term used to describe over-the-top behaviour from a dog when the lead is taken out of the cupboard or wherever it’s kept, in readiness to walk them.  This behaviour could include one or more of the following things:

  • Jumping up at you
  • Trying to grab or bite the lead
  • Grabbing at or biting (more…)

How to use a recall training lead

After a rather frustrating trip to national pet supplier where you can buy all manner of dog related paraphernalia including a dog bow tie – I was unable to purchase what is (in my mind) a training essential, and that is the long training lead which helps to teach recall.

I was able to purchase (should I have desired to) any manner of different extendable leads. Any type of short lead (including (more…)

Teaching a dog to heel – very simple, kind and calm method.


One of the topics I am frequently discussing with clients is how to go about teaching a dog to heel, so I felt an article on the topic would be a good resource for all dog owners, including my clients!

Teaching a dog to walk to heel is very simple! That is, what you need to do to teach them is very simple. The part which is difficult is having the patience required to get the message through, (more…)