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Destroying the myth: hyperactive dogs and exercise

I’d say at least 70% of dog owners I go and help are of the mistaken belief (when they get in touch) that exercise is an important tool for making sure that dogs aren’t hyperactive around the home.

Many owners, when describing their dog’s hyperactive behaviour to me will go on to tell me either:

  1. How much walking they do every day already – because they believe that will be my first bit of advice.
  2. (more…)

The dangerous dogs act – jumping up

One of the lesser considered parts of the dangerous dogs act is jumping up.  Whilst there isn’t specific legislation relating to jumping, the act describes certain behaviours which could include jumping up.  See the wording below:

It is against the law to let a dog (any breed) be dangerously out of control, anywhere. Out of control is described as:

  • If it injures someone
  • If it makes someone (more…)

How can I stop my dog jumping up?

To answer the questions of “how” we first have to understand “why” is your dog jumping up.

Why is my dog jumping up?

Simply put, jumping up raises height. If your dog is raising their height, they are also raising their status. Showing the person/dog that they are jumping up at, that they are big and important and a force to be reckoned with.  Or that they have the right to help themselves to certain (more…)

Excitement when you return home to your dog

What do you love most about having a dog? Is it the way they make you feel when you return home, to see them so excited to have you back? As rather reserved creatures ourselves, this kind of greeting can really make us feel wanted. Much more so than the humans with whom we live can make us feel!  It’s no wonder so many people have them. However it didn’t used to be this way. Dogs used to be much calmer (more…)

Dogs jumping up on the walk

If you’ve had the problem of your dogs jumping up on the walk at non-dog owners, then you have no doubt experienced the embarrassment of being told off by that person, demanding to know why you haven’t got your dog under control, and feeling a bit disgruntled about their now-muddy clothes…!

Why do dogs jump up on the walk?

Jumping up is about raising height and greeting.  If your dog feels the (more…)