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Should I get a companion for my dog?

As dog lovers we want to do what is right for our dogs, and I often get asked the question as to whether owners should get a companion for their dog – and in particular, whether getting a companion will help their dog’s behaviour.  I am going to answer this question in 2 parts:

Should you get a companion for your dog?

This is a tricky question to answer, and the answer isn’t going to be the same (more…)

When two dogs don’t get on

Recently I was asked to do the honour of going in to BBC Essex Radio, to talk to presenter Sadie Nine about her two dogs, as after taking on her friend’s dog Janice – her original pet, Tiger Lily, wasn’t taking too kindly to the new arrival.

Tiger Lily Sadie Nine

Sadie and I, as well as a number of callers discussed why dogs might not be too sure about each other when they first meet.   In a nutshell, this is what (more…)

Help our dog is attacking our other dog!

In the last week I have had 4 separate enquires from people needing help because one of their dogs is attacking another of their dogs.  This is obviously very upsetting for the people who enquired as the dogs are all a part of the family, and it can be very difficult to see that these problems can be overcome and that there isn’t a need to permanently split the dogs up.

Why does it happen?

When one (more…)

Why is my always dog mounting things?

Rather embarrassing for us, but perfectly natural for them!  If you find dog mounting things (humans, other dogs, inanimate objects) there is a reason for it.  And it’s not just because they are ‘horny’ (in fact it usually isn’t because of that at all).

Any dog could feel the need to start mounting.  Whether your dog is male or female, neutered or entire – in the majority of cases, mounting is a (more…)

Why do I have such a disobedient dog!?

Many of the enquiries I receive come from owners wanting to stop their dog from being disobedient – and why wouldn’t they!?  Who wants to put up with any of this:

  • Dog running off with things they shouldn’t have
  • Repeatedly jumping up on the bed or sofa
  • Dogs stealing food
  • Dogs not coming in from the garden when they are asked
  • Dogs repeatly jumping up at you (especially, big heavy dogs)
  • Dogs (more…)

Is my dog dominant?

Dominance in a dog can take on many forms, and I recently blogged about what to do if your dog is dominant, and the dangers of not doing anything about it.  However some forms of dominance are much more subtle than others, so it is worth a post to outline all the different behaviours which can help you to answer the question “Is my dog dominant?” for yourself:

Is my dog dominant?

It’s quite easy (more…)

Help; my dog is dominant!

What do you do if your dog is 50 shades of dominant!?

Being dominant means being in control. If your dog’s behaviour regularly involves him or her being dominant then he or she will think that means ‘control’ of your pack, which is a whole other problem in itself!

How to identify what is dominant dog behaviour.

These are the classic dominant signs; however some dogs are more subtle than others so (more…)

How to tell if your dog thinks it is Top Dog…

Pretty much all dog behaviour problems occur because the dog thinks it is Top Dog.  This means it is either behaving in a dominant way, or trying to take responsibility for the family.  Many people are lulled into a false sense of security by their dog, if it shows obedience when they request certain things.  Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that.  Just because your dog does what you ask more often (more…)

Pack Theory Dog Behaviour

Sadly the method that I teach sometimes gets criticised by people who refer to it as pack theory dog behaviour training, and claim that this is a dated method and dogs do not think like that.  First of all, I would like to make it clear that I do not profess to teach pack theory dog behaviour.  I teach Amichien Bonding.  The technique of communicating with your dog in a language that it understands, (more…)

Should I Neuter My Dog?

I get asked regularly “Should I neuter my dog to calm him down…?” or “Should I neuter my dog to make him less aggressive…?” so I felt it a subject worthy of a blog. There is a school of thought that your dog is hyperactive, or aggressive because of testosterone, or with a female, because she has had a season, and therefore the resolution to the behaviour problem is to neuter or spay your dog or (more…)