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Help, my dog is always on patrol/guarding!

A really common behaviour that I see in many households that I visit is dogs who patrol or guard the house and, in particular, the garden.  In fact, some people have track marks around the edge of the garden from their dog’s frequent use of the same path to keep an eye, ear and nose out for unwanted intruders.

Why do dogs feel the need to guard/patrol?

The answer to this question is two-fold:


Help! My dog is always barking on the walk…

Over the years I have helped many people whose dogs are barking on the walk in a multitude of different ways.  It can take many different forms:

  • Barking at other dogs when they get close to one another
  • Barking at dogs even when they are in the distance
  • Barking at people who look at them or try to interact
  • Barking at certain people, e.g. those with beards, hats on, high viz
  • Barking (more…)

My dog gets over excited in the car

First of all, I need to clarify that something we would look at and classify as ‘over-excitement’ is much more likely to be a nervy, adrenalin reaction.  As a society we have been conditioned to believe that our dogs LOVE the walk, and therefore we associate any over the top behaviour to be a sign that they love it so much that they just cannot hold themselves back.

The truth is that before we walked (more…)

Help! My dog keeps barking at me!

If your dog is constantly barking at you, it’s likely to be driving you slightly mad!  Common occasions when a dog may see fit to bark at their owners tend to be along the lines of the following:

  • When you return home.
  • When they want feeding.
  • When they are seeking attention.
  • When you are playing with them.
  • When they want you to let them through a door.
  • When you are asking them to (more…)

How to stop your dog barking at other dogs (or worse)

One of the most common behaviour problems I get enquiries about is dogs who bark at other dogs. With the changes in legislation of the dangerous dog act, owners are becoming more and more concerned when their dog is barking at other dogs – whether this is aggressive barking, or what appears to be a desire to play.

Depending on the size of your dog, there is also (more…)

Dogs crying at night

Anyone who has had dogs and children will know how distressing crying at night can be. Partly due to the loss of sleep, and partly because hearing someone that you care about displaying distress themselves, can really tug at the heartstrings and make you feel worried and/or guilty.

This is not a parenting blog, and I don’t know enough about children to be able to advise on them! Fortunately I do (more…)

Why do dogs bark in the car?

This morning, on a lovely peaceful bike ride which takes in an area in Leigh on Sea – Two Tree Island, I was passed in a car by a someone with dogs.  I know they had dogs because I heard them coming, I heard them pass and I heard them drive on for some time.  This poor person was driving to Two Tree Island with their dogs barking continuously in the car.

[caption id=”attachment_993″ align=”aligncenter” (more…)

How to stop your dog barking at night

There are two main reasons that we as owners would expect to explain a dog barking at night:

  1. There has been a sudden noise (e.g. a fox in the garden)
  2. Because they need to be let out to go to the toilet.

When telling me about their dog barking at night, most people will add “for no reason” to the statement.  Because it seems to us that there is no reason, because we haven’t heard a sound or anything (more…)