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Aggression to dogs

At least 1 in 3 of the enquiries that I receive relates to aggression towards dogs on the walk. 

Why is this such a big problem?

Simply put dogs are pack, territorial animals.  That means instinctively they can see other dogs they meet as a threat.  It is unclear on whose territory they are meeting and there is an expectation that it could possibly kick off.  The more nervous dog will use aggression (more…)

Red Cocker Rage – is it a thing?

There’s a label which is being given to a small percentage of red coated cocker spaniels.  Stating that they are afflicted with a syndrome known as “red cocker rage”.  This diagnosis of sorts is based on the fact that the dog in question is a red coated cocker spaniel, and is exhibiting bouts of (from the owners’ perspective) unexplained aggression.  Usually this aggression is being directed towards (more…)

Why dogs bite

My articles tend to be inspired by what I’m seeing day to day and recently I have seen a lot of dogs who bite!  In different scenarios, such as:

  • Badly biting other dogs in the household
  • Biting family members
  • Biting visitors
  • Biting strangers out on the walk

Most of the people I help are really upset that their dog is biting and are worried about what the implications of this could be (more…)

My dog doesn’t like being stroked by strangers

A handful of times in my life I have had the unpleasant event of a (probably drunk) person I’ve never met before going “Oh you’ve got lovely curly hair” and touching it without any further warning or permission to do so. Now I’m quite happy to receive a verbal compliment from a stranger (in English, because that’s the only language I understand!) but the touch takes it to another level and it turns (more…)

Why is my dog guarding things?

I am often asked about dogs guarding things. It’s not one of the most common behaviours, but it is significant. It’s a behaviour used as a means of trying to gain status by ‘guarding’ possessions.  By that I mean standing/sitting, watching over it, and not being particularly happy about it if they think they are being challenged for the item they are guarding.  This may lead to a variety of different (more…)

Is my dog becoming aggressive?

I get a lot of concerned emails and phone calls from people as a result of a particular behaviour that they have seen from their dog which is causing them to question whether or not their dog is becoming aggressive.  The general understanding that comes across in this type of enquiry is that dogs either are or aren’t aggressive and if they ‘become’ aggressive then that puts them into the ‘are’ category, (more…)

Why dogs bite people.

Dogs bite for a reason, so I wanted to write a blog post to focus purely and simply on why dogs bite and what we (who choose to read this post) can do to ensure that:

  1. Our own dogs do not bite.
  2. We/our families do not get bitten.

Simply put, dogs do not just go and bite people for no reason.  Dogs bite because they feel there is no other choice, they daren’t risk not biting.  The most typical (more…)

What to do if your dog shows aggression towards visitors

This article is about what to do specifically around the time when a visitor comes to your home if your dog is showing aggression towards visitors.  However just doing this on it’s own is not enough – this will only manage the situation and keep your visitors safe and your dogs out of trouble. If you have a problem with aggression towards visitors, you need to implement this advice immediately, AND (more…)

Help our dog is attacking our other dog!

In the last week I have had 4 separate enquires from people needing help because one of their dogs is attacking another of their dogs.  This is obviously very upsetting for the people who enquired as the dogs are all a part of the family, and it can be very difficult to see that these problems can be overcome and that there isn’t a need to permanently split the dogs up.

Why does it happen?

When one (more…)