Who is the best Essex Dog Trainer?

One of my clients recently mentioned that they’d had someone out to help them before me who claimed to be the best Essex Dog Trainer.  I found this fascinating and wondered how this person got this accolade, and on what basis they had been named Best Essex Dog Trainer?  Was it self declared?  Or had they won an award?  The conversation moved on so I never got any more information on this subject, and instead moved on to helping them to improve their dog’s behaviour.  But it got me thinking…

Picking your Essex Dog Trainer

So how do you choose if you are looking for an Essex Dog Trainer, who is the best?  The question really should be who is the best Essex dog trainer for you!  We all have our different styles and there are several different methods floating around out there.  Here are some things to consider.

  • Are dog training classes right for you?  You can only learn specific things in this kind of environment, and it is totally different to a real life situation.
  • Think carefully about anyone who claims that they will train your dog.  In reality your dog’s behaviour will vary depending on whom it is with, so it needs to be good with and for you.  Not for someone else!
  • Anyone who is charging vast amounts of money.  To teach you all the basic foundations you need to know to resolve your dog’s behaviour you don’t need to pay more than £200, and that’s with a life time of back up support.
  • Traditional methods – these are based on obedience, rather than an understanding of our dogs and how to communicate with them.
  • Not trying to run before you can walk… If you dog is a nightmare on the walk, then you need to calm things down at home first!  Anyone who promises to train your dog on the walk will only be able to have a limited affect.
  • Speak to the person on the phone, get a feeling for whether you will get on with them.  While you are looking to improve your dog’s behaviour, you do need to work with someone who is also a people person.  You may need them to encourage and support you as you go along!

Obviously I’m biased about the method that I teach and think it is the best!  It is called Amichien Bonding and is developed with an understanding of the dog’s instincts in mind.  We first look at what is most important to the dog and how you can show your dog that you are taking care of these basic things.  Then they will be much happier to do as they are asked.  There are a few of us in the county and I of course believe that we are the best Essex dog trainers!  Personally, I have been working with dog owners and their dogs for nearly 7 years now.  I am proud to be referred to as a Highly Recommended Associate Dog Listener, by Jan Fennell and her team, who monitor our evaluation forms and reports year on year.  So if you are looking for an Essex Dog Trainer, look no further!  Get in touch…

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