The Method

Amichien Bonding – Jan Fennell’s Dog Training Method

There are a multitude of experts out there when it comes to dog training, so how do you know who to choose?  Well the real experts are of course the dogs themselves!

Jan fennell “The Dog Listener” has spent a lifetime devoted to dogs, and over the years couldn’t help thinking that something was missing from the traditional methods of dog training, and dog behaviour.

After seeing a demonstration by “Horse Whisperer” Monty Roberts, Jan knew that there must be an equivalent way of communicating with dogs in a language that they would understand.  To discover this language, Jan turned to the dog in its most natural form, the wolf…  As when it comes to dog training it doesn’t matter what the breed is, from doberman and German Sheppard, through labradors and staffies to toy poodles; all dogs are canine, they are pack animals and they have certain needs.

Thanks to Jan we now have Amichien ® Bonding – Jan Fennell’s dog training method, and in using it we are able to provide the right information to our dogs, to establish a relationship of trust in which our dogs can relax and accept us as their natural leaders. After all, they live in a human world, one that they do not understand…

Dog Listening is about understanding your dog and its needs. Aren’t solutions so much easier to find when you really understand the problem…? This method is kind, affordable, logical and simple to follow. So when would now be a good time to start the relationship you and your dog both deserve? Call Highly Recommended Associate Dog Listener, Vicky Kelly on 07908 192656 for more information.  And to purchase your own copy of Jan’s books click HERE

Sadly, this method has its critics, as does anything which is in the public eye. Don’t let criticism of the method put you off.  The people who criticise it haven’t taken the time to understand it.  Whereas the people who use the method consistently KNOW that it works! It is so simple and straight forward, and appeals to the sense the dog makes out of the situation.  I had the choice of learning how to do any form of behaviour/training, and this was the one which made total sense.  I wouldn’t teach anything else.

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