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dog training essexI have been working as a Dog Listener for over 10 years, and I am now recognised as one of Jan Fennell’s Associate Amichien Dog Listeners, thanks to all the positive feedback that owners I have helped with their dogs have sent in.  This is the highest level that is achieveable and there are only 4 of us at it across the world.

I hold the Advanced certificate in Canine Communication, as run by Jan Fennell and the Amichien Dog Listeners team.  To purchase books by Jan Fennell, please visit my Store by clicking HERE

I have always loved dogs and they have always been a part of my life. When I realised that I wanted to take that interest further and turn it into a career in dog training or as a dog behaviourist there were many roads available.

I stumbled across one of Jan Fennell’s books by chance when browsing a retired greyhound website and decided to read it.

As I read the book “The Practical Dog Listener” the more I read the more everything clicked into place; it makes perfect sense and it is the kindest possible way of dealing with problem dogs!  Any thoughts of other dog training methods went immediately out of my head, and I knew that this was the only method of behaviour that I wanted to practice. I started trying out the methods on my beautiful mongrel Sandy (pictured above), signed up for Jan’s training courses and I have never looked back. I am really proud to be an Essex Dog Listener.

I will use this ‘dog training’ method on any dog I will ever own for the rest of my life – whether they have “problems” or not!

“We found Vicky a very pleasant and knowledgeable young lady and have no hesitation in recommending her to other ‘anxious’ dog owners.”
Irene & Ian – Hockley

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