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I’m looking forward to helping you improve life for your dog(s) and yourselves!  Now that we’ve agreed the date and time to meet, please pay your deposit to secure the slot.

Simply type in the date and time we agreed and click on the Pay Now button to go through to pay your deposit through PayPal. If you would rather be sent an invoice, or pay by BACS just contact me to let me know your preference.

& Time of consultation:” />Date & Time of consultation:

The deposit is essential for me to be able to deliver an effective and professional service.  I can only trade the available hours that I have, and it can be very difficult to arrange appointments for some clients, so last minute cancellations and rearrangements are damaging to my business. If I’m committing my time to you and your dogs, I need to be sure that you are as committed as me!

Full Terms & Conditions are available here: T&Cs

All businesses have terms and conditions, and Dog Trainers are no different. As a small business we are vulnerable. For more information on why this deposit is necessary, please read this article on why I ask for a deposit.

One thought on “Pay Deposit

  1. Have just tried calling but got an international dialling tone. I wondered if you could give a call when you return.
    We have a fox terrier who is nearly 7 months old who needs some help with training as once a week classses are not working as well as we’d hoped!!!!!!!
    Problems are generally jumping up – on people, furniture, pulling on lead and when he sees anyone or another dog he gets so excited.

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