What to expect from your Dog Behaviour Consultation

Dog Behaviour consultations are conducted in the comfort of your own home. They generally last for 3-4 hours. In that time you can expect to receive a full tutorial in Amichien ® Bonding and get answers to all the questions you can think of (and many you probably wouldn’t)!  Unlike traditional dog training classes, I concentrate on providing you, the owner, with the tools, so that you can establish yourself as leader of your domestic pack, using the rules that your dog understands, leaving your dogs free of anxiety and allowing them to relax.  Our default human behaviour unfortunately does not provide the right messages, so it’s my job to teach you canine leadership.

During the consultation you will learn everything you need to deal with your dog, day to day, and if you follow these rules, your dog’s behaviour will change for the better.  Following the consultation, there is a 2 week follow up phone call to assess your progress, and a free back-up phone and email service which is available for life for any problems or questions you may have. There is only one charge for this complete service.

If you wish to book a consultation, get a quote or have an informal chat, simply contact me and we will discuss your requirements, and if suitable arrange a consultation.  Once a consultation date has been agreed a £50 deposit is required to secure the slot.

This practice of Amichien ® Bonding is completely kind and natural; you will not need to buy any gadgets, or do anything violent or frightening to your beloved pet. But most importantly, it works – regardless of breed, number of dogs or people – simply because you are communicating to your pets what you want them to do in a language that they understand!

A dog which trusts you will not need to ‘obey’ you, its good behaviour will be completely voluntary.  Call today for more information 07908 192656