My dog doesn’t like men

It’s very easy for dogs to suffer with nervousness and fear when it comes to meeting people, and in particular I’ve helped a lot of dogs that are worse around men.  Either shying away from them and giving men a wide berth, or barking and growling in a pre-emptive self defence.

Those I help who have a rescue dog often assume that this means the dog was poorly treated by a man in the past.  However (more…)

Understanding True Nature Part 2 – The true nature of humans

true nature of a dog

This article is a bit of a departure from the norm for me when it comes to writing blog posts, as I usually focus on the nature of dogs and their behaviour.  For those of you who read what I wrote in Understanding True Nature Part 1 – The true nature of dogs – that article was inspired by some clarity I’ve received on the fundamental nature of the human experience, so I wanted to write something (more…)

Understanding True Nature: Part 1 – the true nature of dogs

true nature of a dog

There is not a day that goes by when I don’t feel blessed that when I was fumbling in the dark for which route to take when it came to studying to be a Dog Behaviourist/Dog Trainer, I was lucky enough to stumble upon truth.  The true nature of dogs.

I had read many books and contacted many colleges – all of whom were taking their sweet time to get back to me – but I was unsure which techniques (more…)

Do I NEED dog training, or will my dog grow out of this behaviour?

One of the common queries I get is whether owners NEED dog training, or whether it’s possible that their dog will just grow out of their behaviour.  As always, the answer isn’t that straight forward.  There are a few different things to think about before I’m able to give a response.

Is it just puppy behaviour?

There are certain behaviours that can be put down to puppy mischief. So in theory, a pup (more…)

Help, my dog won’t walk!

Not the most common of dog behaviour problems, but I do get called to help about it every couple of months or so, are those strange creatures: dogs that won’t walk.  When I say won’t walk, what I really mean is they refuse to go out for a walk.  They are perfectly content to walk around in the house or garden, but don’t want to go any further.

The forms of ‘not walking’

There’s more than one approach (more…)

The dangerous dogs act – jumping up

One of the lesser considered parts of the dangerous dogs act is jumping up.  Whilst there isn’t specific legislation relating to jumping, the act describes certain behaviours which could include jumping up.  See the wording below:

It is against the law to let a dog (any breed) be dangerously out of control, anywhere. Out of control is described as:

  • If it injures someone
  • If it makes someone (more…)

Hot dogs – not the type you eat

It’s that time of year again (hooray!) when the sun is out.  Which of course means that we are out as well. Making the most of our often short lived British Summer.  It goes without saying that if we are out, we want our beloved companions out with us as well.  So here are a few things to think about this summer when planning to enjoy the outdoors with your dog:

Hot dogs

  • If you are outside in the garden, (more…)

My dog doesn’t like being stroked by strangers

A handful of times in my life I have had the unpleasant event of a (probably drunk) person I’ve never met before going “Oh you’ve got lovely curly hair” and touching it without any further warning or permission to do so. Now I’m quite happy to receive a verbal compliment from a stranger (in English, because that’s the only language I understand!) but the touch takes it to another level and it turns (more…)

Why does my dog shake?

Assuming firstly that you aren’t talking about the classic dog shake – getting rid of water scenario (and covering everyone else with it) – my old long haired boy Sandy (pictured) was fabulous at this!  His long hair absorbed so much water, and when he shook it was like being sprayed with a hose!

Vicky Kelly Dog Trainer

So why does my dog shake?

There are several reasons that your dog could be shaking. I have listed (more…)